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Enduring Quality

H & H Pallet Leasing Inc. stocks 22,500 certified CPC pallets. As a member of the Canadian Pallet Council and one of North America's leading pallet leasing services, we provide a well-managed rental division for your industry. Our quality system ensures that CPC pallets are clean, damage-free and well maintained. We offer a maintenance program to sort and repair your CPC pallets - bring your damaged pallets in and we'll exchange them 1 for 1.

Ask us about CPC pallet purchase or rentals. We believe in the CPC pallet industry. Their pallets are high quality, can handle heavy loads and we pass monthly inspections conducted by the Canadian Pallet Council. We're increasing our CPC pallet inventory all the time.

We would also be interested if you had CPC pallets for sale.

Our outstanding reputation for quality, service, and sustainability has made us the first call many companies make when in need of a leasing program. We feature sturdy wood block pallets used by leading manufacturers to ship grocery and consumer goods products to retailers throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

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