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Strong Foundations

H&H Wood Products Inc has a proud tradition of strong, lasting relationships with our clients...
a partnership.


The Right Product

Whatever your wood pallets, wood boxes, wooden display racks, wood skids , wood crates , bins, rack or spool needs are,
H&H Wood Products Inc is the right partner for your business.



H&H Wood Products Inc uses only the best materials available. Not only do we stand behind our products...
we stand UNDER THEM!



Our mission is to provide you with Innovative ways to cut costs & save money. We can't reach OUR bottom line until we help YOU reach YOURS.

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30th AnniversaryStrong Leaders in the Pallet Industry Since 1985

H&H Wood Products Inc provides some of the world's leading manufacturers, greenhouses and retail outlets with Manufactured Certified Pallets, Any-Size Boxes, Shipping Crates and Greenhouse Display Racks.

We specialize in assembling heat treated (HT-KD) products for common export to the United States, and we supply new wood products for export to European Union and other countries world-wide that support the International Wood Packaging Standard ISPM #15.

We "SUPPORT" businesses all around the world! 


Discover some of our fine products.

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Flowers On Pallets

H&H Wood Products Inc has been supplying the greenhouse industry with commercial grade display racks for many years now. Our design & durability is top notch and we are sure we can create a program that fills the need for cost effective, professional presentation of your products. No order is too big or too small. Make us part of your team!  We are here to help you.


Load Pallet Boxes

Make bulk materials handling more efficient with H&H Wood Products Inc bins. They allow forklift rotation dumping, and gives your operation begin-to-end processing capability. In both vented and solid styles these bins are used for industrial, agricultural, food processing & many more applications.


Pallet Box

H&H Wood Products Inc roots are firmly planted in the wood products industry. Our products are sustainable by design and have been since 1985. Not only is our lumber a renewable resource, we recycle much of our material for use in other products.

H&H Wood collaborates with our customers offering sustainable products and services that further their corporate sustainability goals, including:
* Unit loads that optimize performance and minimize the amount of industrial packaging on the load.
* Pallet management and packaging materials recycling programs that reduce the amount of material going to the landfill.

For more information, please contact an H&H Wood Products Inc customer service representative by calling our toll free line at (888) 730-8195 or use our Direct Line ~ (519) 825-9802


Wooden Spools

From the high quality of hardwood plywood to a more economical option of softwood plywood we can design a spool to meet your specific cubic and carrying capacity. This material can be used to wrap insulated wire and cable, cordage products, ferrous wire, chain, and other materials. Contact one of our specialists for more information on how H&H Wood Products Inc can best serve your company.


Stack Of Pallet

H & H Wood Products Inc. works with a great number of businesses in all industries providing just the right product for each and every use. Our unique proprietary software give us the ability to provide a wide array of specification options.

H & H Wood Products Inc. will help you design a pallet if need be from the ground up so that it meets your weight tolerances and other specific qualities of the design and composition of your pallet.

Stacking Pallets

H&H Wood Products Inc icon pallet   Two Locations.

Our 2 wholesale manufacturing plants will strategically ship products throughout Southern Ontario. Our head quarters located in Wheatley, Ontario operates out of a newly renovated 53,000 Sq Ft facility. In 2009 we expanded to open our 20,000 Sq Ft London, Ontario facility. Both facilities coordinate all business logistics to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

Flower Box

H&H Wood Products Inc Ideas   Bright Ideas.

Give us your concept. With an abundance of experience, we are confident we will meet your particular specifications and detail a professional design at a fair price.
Choose between crates, wood boxes, display racks and custom pallets, all available for export around the world.
Call today (888) 730-8195.

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H&H Wood Products Inc Globe    Environment Friendly.

Leasing your pallets means less harm for the environment and we know you like doing your bit for the environment. As a member of the Canadian Pallet Council with an inventory of over 22,000 pallets that are clean, damage-free and well maintained, H&H Wood Products Inc. can provide the product you need FAST!
Call (888) 730-8195 for Rental Info.

The staff at H&H Wood are friendly, professoinal and very knowledgeable.  I was amazed at the number of products they can provide me with at quality that is second to none.  Call them today!

W John MacFadden - Arkona, Ontario

If you want a top quality product at a fair price then you have to call H&H Wood Products.  The bins, boxes and pallets we use are of the best materials and ALWAYS stand up to whatever we throw at them.

Joe Mitchell - Windsor, Ontario