Many people get anxious when they need to pack and ship fragile or not items. One of the best shipping products that can give you some peace of mind and the necessary protection is the wooden crate.

Picking the correct container to package your goods in is one of the most important parts of shipping. Using a wood-based shipping container is one of the most popular options. Wooden crates are known as one of the best packing materials. They are structures that support themselves, making them the best choice for shipping many different products, whether they are light, extremely heavy, or fragile.

Crates are large shipping containers made from wood usually used to transport large, heavy, or awkward items. When you are planning to ship commodities, shipping companies will think about the nature of the commodities, the cost of transporting them, and the shipping conditions they will be in.

Wooden containers can transport several commodities. They are also very easy to custom design and only need simple procedures and tools. Factors like the durability of what is inside, environmental friendliness, cost of materials, and convenience for distribution will influence the choice of packaging materials.

Wooden crates are easy and efficient to manufacture from a set design or a customer’s custom design specifications.

Some advantages to using wooden crates include:

  • They can get manufactured and repaired locally.
  • Wood is good at resisting different temperatures and weather conditions, especially if you will be transporting fragile items.
  • Wooden crates give you an additional layer of security and protection, which is essential when shipping fragile and valuable items.
  • Wooden crates can usually be used for more than one journey and can stand up to vertical pressure if stacked correctly.
  • Many crates come with good ventilation.
  • Wooden crates are made from entirely natural materials, making them environmentally friendly.

If you are trying to decide on the type of shipping container to use, and if this is very critical to the success of your business, contact H&H Wood Products today. We can design and manufacture your custom wooden crates. These can be made from either plywood or cleated crates.

Our boxes are custom made to be able to meet your unique specifications. Our on-site panel saw can cut your plywood in large volumes to help make the perfect crates that will take care of your items. This process helps us reduce labor costs, which results in lowering your costs in manufacturing the crates.