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For example, The Greenhouse Crate: Used predominantly for Tomatoes, Apples, Cucumbers, Cherries and various field crops.

HH Wood Products Inc services the world
H & H Wood Products Inc. specializes in many services in order to meet various business demands for greenhouses, the agriculture industry, wood packaging, wooden display racks & containers, automotive parts storage and shipments across the continent or worldwide. Some of our most popular services are listed at right.

HH Wood Products Inc services the world


Design is what sets us aside from our competitors. We understand your requirements, and we design a wood product without overlooking important considerations. We're a team of employees are always ready for the next quality product we design.

H&H Wood Products Inc is a full service, global provider of top quality products to the industry. Utilizing state of the art software, we can design the perfect pallet for the job at a price that is very competitive. This software enables us to ensure we use the right wood, design and manufacturing methods to produce pallets that are far superior to those found virtually anywhere.

Our completely automated assembly processes and quality control measures assure accurate and predictable results that are right on the money, making us a leading manufacturer for materials shipping, packaging companies, automotive, meat packaging, general dynamics shipping and many more. We are continuously improving internal processes through innovative machinery upgrades and on-going considerations for improved manufacturing processes.


Bins - Whatever the job. Whatever the size. H&H Wood Products Inc can Design & Build the perfect bin for your business. Cost effective and built to last.

Boxes - We've created HUGE boxes for automotive parts. From 18" to 22 feet long, and sometimes 8 feet high! We have about 6 major wooden box designs that are strong and durable.

Pallets - Wooden pallets move the world, as long as you fit the product. We match your weight requirements for the pallet that best suits your needs. We ship 2-way, 4-way, box pallets and more using about 20 unique designs. Softwood, hardwood and heat treat lumber are used to make any pallet designs from 15" to 10 feet wide!

Racks - We design beautiful wooden racks our customers use to display plants and various flowers. We have 3 basic rack designs for use in store aisles and large flower racks used for shipping.


We have two trucks in daily use for shipments stretching across Essex & Kent County, London, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Windsor and southern Michigan. Ask us about pickup & delivery. (888) 730-8195


Warehouse storage becomes available from time to time. We can store your add-on materials to be used in wood products pending purchase orders. We may be able to accommodate your special storage needs.

Please call (888) 730-8195 for availability.

HH Wood Products Inc Servicing Greenhouses everywhere