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H&H Wood Products Inc carries an inventory of the most common industry pallets. We try to keep our online inventory fresh. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 730-8195.

Our Clients Write

H&H Wood Products is always there when I need them with the right product for the job. If you want quality product you have to contact H&H Wood Products.
Superior Freight Systems

Henry and his staff are simply great people! Everytime I am at the office I feel like I am in the presence of family rather than performing a business transaction. If you want someone you can trust then you have to call H&H Wood.
W John MacFadden

We Want Your Pallets!

H&H Wood Products Inc. is always on the lookout for good quality used CPC Pallets. Please call us directly if you have any for sale.

H&H Wood Products

Strong Leaders in the Pallet Industry Since 1985 H&H Wood Products Inc provides some of the world's leading manufacturers, greenhouses and retail outlets with Manufactured Certified Pallets, Any-Size Boxes, Shipping Crates and Greenhouse Display Racks.

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