The Origins of Wooden Pallets

The Origins of Wooden Pallets

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Wooden pallets are found across a wide variety of professions and industries and are not something most people pay any attention to because of how common they have become. While they are a part of our everyday lives, it is interesting to learn about their origins and how they have played a major role in the history of our economy.

Prior to the use of wooden pallets, boxes, barrels, kegs and wooden crates were used for the storage and transportation of goods. Skids were sometimes used and their birth can be dated back to the early 1920s, which is when the modern forklift was created. Once this occurred, traditional skids evolved into pallets and this is what revolutionized the way in which goods were gathered, protected and stored. Originally, wooden pallets consisted of stringers, which had boards fastened to them to create a platform for all of the goods to sit on and it also had space underneath for the prongs of the forklift. In 1925, bottom planks were added to the pallet design and this addition allowed goods to be stacked and moved faster and more easily. Shortly after, warehouses across the world started to rely on wooden pallets more and more.

The popularity of wooden pallets increased during the Second World War, and this was when the mass production and standardization of pallet sizes took place. The universal pallet size of 48” by 40” was established, which made the shipment of goods and the process of mass production easier. These helped countries ship heavy goods back and forth during the war.

Once the war ended, wooden pallets became part of mainstream business and it was during this time that the first narrow aisle electric reach truck was created, which changed the way warehouses operated. Wooden pallets are now a big part of the mainstream shipping industry and are used regularly to move different types of goods across the world. The history of the pallet goes way back and its effectiveness continues to prove itself today. There is no doubt that pallets have helped the shipping industry tremendously and have allowed it to expand and grow into what is today. Improvements to the design and material of the pallets are constantly being made and while these aspects may change, the popularity aspect will not and pallets will continue to be around for a very long time.

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