In order for your packages to be delivered safely, the proper packaging methods must be applied, and it is a must that you use the right materials. This will ensure timely delivery of your shipments, and the products will arrive in their original condition. You have to consider the items that are being shipped and how well they need to be secured, as this will allow you to select the proper shipping materials.

Skids, pallets, and crates are all useful tools within the shipping industry, and knowing the differences will allow you to select the option that is right for you.


This is the most common way of shipping and storing freight because it has a second flat bottom, so it is easier to move by a forklift. This second flat bottom deck is the main difference between a pallet and a skid, and this aspect makes the pallet more difficult to drag when compared to skids. The bottom deck does, however, make it possible to stack pallets, which makes for easy storage, and your warehouse will experience increased cube efficiency and sturdiness thanks to weight distribution. Your shipments would also be less likely to fall while being loaded or unloaded by a forklift.


This tool does not have a bottom deck, and the absence of this aspect makes it the cheaper version of the pallet. Skids are easier to drag, and with this design, the weight of the skid does not rest on the bottom deck but on its vertical slats or legs instead. This allows for mobility, and skids are ideal when moving materials from one place to another. It’s also great for non-mobile use, so skids are often used for the bottoms of heavy machinery. Skids take up less space than pallets, and while these two terms are constantly used interchangeably, it’s important to acknowledge that they are not the same.


This is a box with four walls and is completely different from a pallet or skid. It is used to hold up supplies and products, and other items that must be extensively secured or protected. They can hold large volumes and are very stable but are bulky and often hard to transport.

Deciding between these three options is not always easy, so you should consider the type of product you are shipping and what you’re looking for in terms of freight. Regardless of your needs, high-quality products are a must, and H&H Wood Products will provide you with everything you need. Whether you want custom designs, new pallets, crates, or racks, we can help, so contact our team today!